Traveling on a Budget? Best Trip Advice You Need to Know

While it’s no surprise that travel is an amazing experience, it can also be equally as expensive. That is if you don’t plan accordingly. See, you don’t have to end up broke as a joke, as long as you take the following trip advice.

The key is to travel on a budget and to learn how to live only with the necessities. Don’t let a few dollars stand in the way of your trip. Here is some money saving trip advice to help you along.

First Bit of Trip Advice is to Book Your Flight Early

Let’s start with saving on flights. The cost of tickets fluctuates, depending on the month, day and even time of travel. Weekend flights are more expensive than weekdays. Avoid booking tickets around the holiday season.

For example, the cost of flights around Christmas and Thanksgiving will cost more. Numerous mobile apps are available to help you monitor flight costs once your destination and travel dates are entered.

Make sure that if you have to travel during the holiday season to book your flight well in advance to cost on flight costs.

Stay at an Airbnb is Possible

The smartest way to save on your stay, especially if you’re traveling as a family is to stay an at Airbnb location. Be sure to look at photos, reviews, and speak to owners before making a reservation.

Most vacation homes also provide complimentary breakfast/ lunch, wi-fi, happy hour etc. Don’t forget to specifically inquire about your basic amenities that you need to make your stay comfortable.

If you’re looking for a more free-spirited way of traveling check out youth hostels, couchsurfing and hospitality clubs. Any of these options will be much cheaper than a hotel and will give you more money to spend on other areas of your trip.

Check out Car Rentals Away from Airports

Be extremely specific if you decide to rent a car. Look for smaller cars if you don’t need that extra room to save money on gas.

If you’re traveling with kids, bring your own car seats. Costs of car rental agencies near airports are always soaring high. It is advisable to look a few miles away and also avoid filling gas in stations anywhere close to the airport. Take advantage of your insurance and credit card companies that have car rental coverage.

Travel Like a Local As This is More Affordable

Make the best use of the local transportation facilities like buses, trains, whatever! it’s the best way to make your travel more adventurous and also at the same time economical.

But if you’re in a hurry somewhere, there are mobile apps that provide “ride-sharing” facilities. This option is much cheaper when compared to taking a car/ taxi.

Plan Your Meals For the Day and Save Money

Never eat in a dense tourist area. Not only will prices be higher but the food will be less authentic. Be sure to check out restaurants and eateries that are outside the tourist bubble.

Research places before you arrive and plan out your meals. Also, try and eat a bigger lunch and a lighter breakfast and dinner. Many locations will have lunch deals that can help you save money.

If you decide to stay somewhere where you have access to a kitchen, then you should try and cook some of your own meals.

Shop Outside the Tourist Bubble

If you’re traveling to a really famous tourist spot, never shop near the tourist attraction or in any souvenir shops.

These shops aren’t going to offer anything that is unique or worth the inflated prices. You can save more if you choose to shop in local markets and roadside shops.

At these spots, you’ll find items that are unique and hand-crafted. These items will be a far better use of your money and serve as great gifts that you can take back to your friends and family back home.

Switch Your Currency Before You Fly or At the Airport

If you’re traveling abroad, avoid exchanging your currency in an airport. It almost always ends up offering higher exchange rates. It is advisable to carry local currency before you fly. However, for any emergencies, make a quick online search for the best exchange rates before you walk into any exchange center.

Make sure you use the right credit card in case of any emergency. Most banks charge a fee of 2-3% for overseas withdrawals. However, there are special international travel cards offered by banks that don’t charge an extra fee for cash withdrawals

Avoid the Hassle and Get a Multi-Day Travel Pass

Depending on where you’re staying and for how long, I suggest you check into multi-day travel passes for your area’s public transportation services.

Many urban areas offer these travel passes so if you’re staying somewhere for several consecutive days, it’s worth it to purchase one of these travel passes.

You should also check out other travel passes that your destination has to offer. There are some that provide special rates for museums and other local attractions.

If You Must Go Online, Use Wi-Fi

Always look for cafes, restaurants or bars that offer free wifi to avoid any data roaming charges. You can use this facility for free to connect with your family or friends.

Download the “Wi-Fi finder”, a mobile application, that will help you locate the nearest wifi location, in offline mode. (Needs to be activated before travel)

Look for Online Deals Before You Travel

Most tourist places offer deals for hotels, car rentals, flights, local attractions etc. Don’t give up too easily looking for it. Reservations are often fully refundable once canceled if you find a deal at the last minute.

Got More Trip Advice?

Was this list helpful? If you have more trip advice you’d like to share with everyone, let me know!


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