Pack Your Backpack With These 7 Essentials

Pack Your Backpack With These Essentials

Attention, this is a public service announcement: Backpacks are actually cool now. Don’t believe me? Take a look at any fashion magazine. It’s a fact, people, the backpack is the new handbag. But to make the best of this utility, you need to make sure you pack your backpack the right way.

Backpack Essential Number One Is Your Cellphone, For Sure

The most obvious item is a phone! We know in this century a good number of us can’t go without being glued to a cell phone. In today’s society having a cell phone is crucial for both personal and professional use. Having it on you can help you get in contact with your friends and coworkers as quickly as possible and makes completing daily tasks efficient and simple. Forgetting to bring your phone can slow down your entire day.


Make Sure You Carry Some Stain Removers

Accidents are unavoidable and everyone has them from time to time. You’re out eating or you’re running around with your coffee and all the sudden your clothes look like a dirty napkin.

Not exactly a great look for the office or that big class presentation, am I right? In order to avoid all that embarrassment, carry a stain remover pen. Many detergent brands make stain remover pens that are small and easy to use when you’re on the go.

Pack your backpack with a detergent and bleach pen and save your favorite shirt from those nasty stains.


Don’t Forget Your Headphones Or You’ll Regret It

Headphones people, I mean, am I the only one who ends up sitting next to a woman with a noisy kid on the bus? Headphones are a great way to drown out all the unwelcome noise from your daily commute while still being small enough to store comfortably in a backpack.

Pass the time listening to your favorite playlist or be a little more productive. You can take the opportunity to get some work done and listen to some educational or work-related audio books or podcasts.

Keep Your Planner Handy So That You Have Your Day Planned Out

Everyone tends to forget important occasions now and then. A planner helps you run your errands smoothly without leaving any of them unattended to while keeping time.

Always remember to pack your backpack with a planner so you won’t miss those important meetings or payment deadlines.  Taking the time to physically jot down a to-do list increases the chances of 1) remembering your list and 2) accomplishing the tasks. It also helps you stay organized.


Make Sure You’re Packed With A Lunch & Snacks

Balancing your everyday needs can be stressful and time-consuming. We all have those days when we are so busy and do not even have the time to break for lunch, maybe because of certain deadlines at the office or simply because we’re behind on our work.

You might not have time to wait in long lines or walk a couple of blocks to get your favorite dish or snack. A backpack is a great time-saving solution.

Packing your lunch and/or snacks throughout the day gives you more time to get stuff done and as an added bonus you’ll have more control over what you’re eating. Makes it much easier to stick to that diet.

Hydration is Important, So Carry a Water Bottle With You At All Times

Staying hydrated while on the job, at school or at the gym is very important. Packing a water bottle your backpack makes sure it’s always within our reach.

Deodorant is a must carry! Most people apply deodorant before leaving the house. Not having it with you can leave you in an awkward social situation and can be altogether uncomfortable since some deodorants wear off eventually. Packing it helps you avoid self-consciousness and stay confident all day without any worries!


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